Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alive and Well - March 17th, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,
I love it here in Uganda. I watch the sun rise from the veranda. We see a new bird variety everyday. School is going well, and we do most of it outside on the veranda.
We came at an exciting time to Independent Baptist Church of Mbarara. The Runyonkore copy of John and Romans arrived and distribution has begun. The people of Mbarara appreciate and gladly receive them, and often stop what they are doing to read it. Today, in a small grocery store, I gave one to several of the employees there. Before we left, the other workers came and asked for a copy. Even the owners, who are from India, wanted to look it over. The "You Have Never Been So Loved" tract from Faith Baptist Church has been very effective as people love to see the pictures of our people back in the states. Even the Muslims here read the tracts, well most of them.
The church is more and more lead by the Ugandans. Their enthusiasm and burden for their own people is very encouraging. A young man from the church, Robert, took Garrett to preach at the aids hospital office. There were about 15 adult men who listened and asked him to come back next week. Also, a trade school and a village school have opened their doors for us to bring in the gospel! Pray for us as we make preparation to go through these open doors.
We enjoy the newness of the shopping here. The kids (Scott and up) go on adventures daily. It is good to get out and walk, even if it is only to buy more bananas or pineapples. The lady, Dorthy, who owns one of the shops where we buy produce came to the church this last Sunday!
The house here is as big as our old house if you count the veranda. The yard is beautiful. I'm planting the pineapple tops in hope of reaping a harvest in 3 or 4 years. The little ones have made a tree fort and have to be bathed every night to get the leaves and tree bark out of their hair.
The orphanage is coming up. Please pray that God will lead and bless as decisions are made for this huge undertaking.
I have permission to start a Pray and Play for mazungu home school moms and kids. I will be starting that soon, now that the tile men are done replacing the flooring. What a messy job that turned out to be!
Other ministries that we are engaged in or planning for: We have been invited to join the women's prison ministry. Rebekah is subbing for the Sunday School class this week. The refugee ministry is going strong and had 20 people baptized two weeks ago.
God has lead us gently. I enjoy that we are ahead of you time-wise. When we are thanking God for the great day He gave us, it is the perfect time to ask him to bless and help all of you as you begin your day!
Love and Prayers,
Cheryl Tracht
(Romans 10:8)


  1. Cheryl, it is so good to hear from you! I enjoy keeping up with your husband and the kids posts, but it touches my heart to hear from you. What a blessing to have you share that with the time difference you can thank the Lord for your day, and pray for us as we begin ours! You are in our prayers. I pray the Lord will continue to give you the opportunity to update your blog as you share the heart of a woman serving the Lord on the mission field.

    Miss you, but know you are safe in God's will.
    Laurie Winter

  2. It was nice to hear from you. Love you mom.